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Staff Listing 2022-2023


Photo of Sherry Pfannmuller

Ms. Sherry Pfannmuller



Photo of Paige Duplessie

Miss Paige Duplessie

Teacher - Grade 6, 7, 8 & 9 Math and Science and Inclusive Education

Photo of Jennifer Erickson

Mrs. Jennifer Erickson

Kindergarten, Grade 4/5 Science & Junior High MakerLab

Photo of Kimberly Hagman

Mrs. Kimberly Hagman

Grade 4 and 5, Drama & Inclusive Education Facilitator

Photo of Shelly Reid

Mrs. Shelly Reid

Grade 2 and Science & Math; PE in the afternoons

Photo of Mike Tavaroli

Mr. Mike Tavaroli

Grade 6, 7, 8 & 9 LA and Social Studies and Acting Administration

Photo of Tammie Vanderwolf

Mrs. Tammie Vanderwolf

Grade 2 and 3

Photo of Jordan Zadunayski

Miss Jordan Zadunayski

Teacher - Grade 6, 7, 8 & 9 Math and Science

Photo of Cindy Zanbak

Mrs. Cindy Zanbak

Kindergarten & Grade 1

Support Staff

Photo of Pat Cass

Mrs. Pat Cass

Educational Assistant

Photo of Sherry Duplessie

Mrs. Sherry Duplessie

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Kerr

Mrs. Jennifer Kerr

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jennifer McCallum

Mrs. Jennifer McCallum

Play School Instructor & Educational Assistant

Photo of Zachery Mytrunec

Mr. Zachery Mytrunec

Wellness Coach

Photo of Diana Richardson

Mrs. Diana Richardson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Leanna Rilling

Ms. Leanna Rilling

Educational Assistant

Photo of Rene Werenka

Mrs. Rene Werenka


Photo of Mercedes Wilkinson

Miss Mercedes Wilkinson

Educational Assistant