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Sangudo Community School, serving 127 students from Kindergarten through Grade 9, is nestled in the picturesque community of Sangudo, near the Pembina River. This friendly community of 400 people is located 120 kilometers northwest of Edmonton. Students enjoy a safe and caring atmosphere in our small town school, which is reflected in their general demeanor and smiling faces.


Acting Principal: Mike Tavaroli

Getting to Know

Sangudo Community School (SCS) is a modern, fully-equipped facility with a large gymnasium, Science, Foods and Maker labs and an up-to-date computer program equipped with over one hundred personal devices for student use, as well as desk top computers in each classroom. Our library is fully automated, and enriched with a vast selection of reading material, which is housed within the school. 

Our dedicated and committed staff, along with a supportive parent community, provides the framework for an enriching and caring environment.


It is our responsibility to develop the character, skills and abilities of each 21st century learner and citizen entrusted to our care.


To establish a respectful, safe and cooperative community developing leaders and learners who are engaged, responsible and passionate about learning.

OUR MOTTO- Together We Grow, Today, Tomorrow and Beyond.


Academic and character education programs are our foundation. Authentic assessment practices focus on curricular outcomes. We support our programs by:

  • supplementing our classroom reading program with a home reading program in early grades
  • embedding a variety of computer applications and SMART Board instructional technology into the curriculum; one-to-one chromebook/iPad technology

In addition to core courses, we offer programming to meet the individual needs of our students. Examples include:

  • Information Processing, Robotics, Drama,  Model Building, Hockey Skills, Media  and Foods Sciences courses, dance
  • field trips and sporting activities
  • student and staff involvement with local 4-H clubs and community recreation and events

Many parents and community members are involved in the Sangudo Community School Council and support community interaction with school and teaching staff.


School Mission

SCS’s responsibility is to provide a safe, supportive, respectful learning environment where each student has the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential.

SCS School Philosophy

It is the belief at Sangudo Community School that all students have the right to learn and that the environment found in the school guides students towards responsible behaviour.  All students, whether in school or while participating in a school sponsored activity, are expected to behave in a manner which does not interfere with the rights and privileges of other students. While students are primarily responsible for their own actions, both home and school must also share the responsibility for student behaviour. At SCS we encourage a joint effort towards providing a safe and caring learning environment for all students.

Student Behaviour

The behaviour of students during school hours or at after school activities must adhere to the following concepts:

1.      Awareness that the primary purpose of school attendance is to obtain the best education possible.

2.      Respect for the rights of all other students, staff, and volunteers within the school.

3.      Respect for school property, grounds and all private property in the school.

4.      Concern for the image of the school and school division in the community.

Goal 1

To build a productive and respectful learning environment, and encourage and foster academic excellence.

Goal 2

To support the social and emotional growth of students so that each experiences success.

Goal 3

To develop a safe environment for all.

Goal 4

To develop responsible behaviours.