The Study Skills Team


Succeeding in school involves a human triangle consisting of the student, the teacher and the parent(s). These persons must function as a team if the student is to realize the maximum benefit from his/her school experiences.

The Student

The teacher has the right to expect from the student:

  • Work that is thorough, neat and turned in on time.
  • The commitment to spend adequate amounts of time in research, practice and study.
  • A willingness to accept constructive criticism and to endeavor to correct weaknesses.
  • A willingness to seek personal conference with the teacher when assistance is needed.
  • A desire to excel and to perform at a level cognizant with his/her ability.

The Teacher

The student has the right to expect from the teacher:

  • Clearly stated objectives/outcomes for the class being taught.
  • Assignments and tests which are clearly related to the outcomes or objectives.
  • A commitment by the teacher to use a variety of measures to assess the student’s achievement and will keep the student informed of his or her progress.
  • The assurance that the teacher will assess all assignments in the light of standards (rubrics) known by the student.
  • The assurance that comments on the student’s work will be constructive and will provide keys to growth.
  • The assurance that the teacher will be available for out-of-class counseling and assistance as needed.

The Parent

The student and the teacher have the right to expect from the parent(s):

  • Provision of a study station in the house which is conducive to effective study; it should include comfortable seating and work space, along with adequate lighting and ventilation, and should provide reasonable privacy and quietness.
  • Recognition of the student’s commitment to do quality schoolwork and establishment of measures to insure that this priority is maintained over less important activities.
  • Maintenance of schedules in the home which insure that the student will maintain a balance in intellectual, recreational and other personal activities.
  • Display strong interest in the student’s welfare, with special emphasis on progress in school. This includes the willingness to confer with teachers and school officials as necessary to keep well informed and lend maximum support to the student and to the school.